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posted Mar 12, 2018, 11:44 AM by Peggy Gaumont
Good Afternoon,
We've been working closely with students to assist them in planning for an event allowing our students to show their support towards their peers in Parkland, Florida.  As a result of this collaboration students will be able to show their support for the community of Parkland, Florida and to pay their respects to those who lost their lives there on February 14th, as well as a show of support for families who have lost loved ones in past incidents of school violence. Interested students can gather outside the main entrance of Leavitt at 10:00am on Wednesday March 14th.  Students may choose to participate or they may choose to remain in class.  Either way is perfectly reasonable and there will be no judgement either way. Students who are planning to participate can leave period 2 at 10:00.  When the bell rings to end period 2 at 10:17, all students will report to extended HPT.

We will have supervision for the students who choose to participate as well as for students who remain in classes.  We are also keeping an eye to the weather and may adjust these plans in order to maintain the safety of our students.

Thank you