Technology Department

The Technology Department supports staff and students in seven buildings in MSAD 52, with approximately 2000 students and 500 staff members. There are also over 2000 devices (servers, switches, phone systems, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, copiers, scanners, document cameras, projectors, digital cameras, external drives, and more) and many software titles and online resources which the staff supports. To better serve all MSAD 52 learners, both students and staff members, please utilize the building level support person, first. This will more efficiently address the issue, or facilitate redirection to the appropriate Technology Department staff member for resolution.

Technology Teachers - Technology instruction in schools. May assist with basic hardware and software questions and issues, student accounts, online testing support, integration support, and lesson resources. If an issue cannot be quickly resolved, it will be sent on to the District Technicians.

District Technicians – Resolve hardware and software issues, hardware repairs/replacements, inventory, software installation, reimaging, basic network troubleshooting, and technology questions. Issues are sent up to the Technology Director if needed.

Data Manager – Provides District-Wide management of PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, Infinite Campus, Alexandria, online testing support, Google email accounts and websites, telephone system programming, forms, spreadsheets, and data questions or issues.

Technology Director – Technology Department administrator. Provides district-wide leadership in the areas of technology and IT infrastructure. Responsible for managing and supporting district-wide technology hardware, software, and infrastructure. Coordinates technology implementation, network design, and administration, security of technologies, budgeting and managing the IT staff.

Technology Director Randy Swift 207-225-1131

Data Manager Jason Breton 207-225-1132

District Technicians: Dale Nadeau David Grimmel Richard Bloom